Vendor and Supplier Audits

The vendors and suppliers that serves you have direct impact on your product quality. It is your responsibility to ensure that Vendor and Supplier Audit meets the regulatory requirement and a higher industrial standard. Often the location of vendors and suppliers play an important role, making it difficult to access them at your convenience. Our vendor and supplier auditor will take away that difficulty from your end and perform a well-versed audit on your behalf at the location anywhere in the world. Please contact MS Remedies Inc. at +1-647-229-7236 or

MS Remedies have a global reach, that will help us perform the Vendor and Supplier Audits easily. We ensure an independent and thorough assessment, meet required regulatory and quality standards, provide a comprehensive report to assist you in decision making and maintain the record for future references.
Our Vendor and Supplier Audit include following services:

• Quality management systems assessment
• Quality assurance audit
• Workload assessment for current or future plans
• Equipment capabilities Assessment
• Material Quality Assessment (Raw Material and Finished)
• Assessment of Process and product control processes
• Assessment of the management team
• Welding and fabrication procedures assessment
• Handling and storage of materials (Raw Material and Finished)
• Resource qualification assessment
• Manufacturing / Workshop facilities maintenance program
• Preventative and emergency maintenance program assessment
• Manufacturing techniques assessment
• Verification of non-destructive testing procedures


Please contact MS Remedies today to find out how our Vendor and Supplier audit services can help you achieve your desired goal on-time and expected regulatory / quality standard. Please contact MS Remedies Inc. at +1-647-229-7236 +1-905-901-2724 or