Commissioning and Qualification

MS Remedies Inc. employed experienced commissioning and qualification team who has the complete understanding, technical skills and experience to ensure your project is successful. We implement best practices and industry level expertise to all our projects, this enable us to quickly integrate with client’s team to complete the project within budget and expectation.

MS Remedies Inc. can compile commissioning documents which helps to cross verify proper installation, operation at start-up, functional performance, and turnover of facilities, systems and equipment.

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Commissioning Services:

  • Developing, compiling and executing commissioning plans to support the project schedule
  • Developing and compiling commissioning documents e.g., User Requirement Specification (URS), Functional Requirement Specification (FRS), Inspection checklist, Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and Site Acceptance Tests (SAT), Commissioning Report.
  • Vendor audits and compliance
  • Provide witness on vendor commissioning activities
  • Manage commissioning activities of vendors, contact resources and construction contractors
  • Execute commissioning activities for utilities, facilities and process equipment in a efficient and cost effective manner that maximizes opportunities for leveraging with qualification activities and minimize redundancies.