Cold Chain Qualification and Shipping Validation

At MS Remedies Inc. we provide expertise and recommendations in order to maintain product quality, safety and efficacy during distribution. We provide Good Distribution Practices (GDPs) which specify the cold chain products are to be distributed (stored, intermediate storage, handled and transported) throughout the distribution network (manufacturer, transporter, shipment service providers and customers) as per specified temperature conditions.

Cold Chain Qualification and Shipping Validation

A Shipping Study by MS Remedies Inc. is a cost-effective service that helps clients determine the thermal variability of a specific trade or shipping configuration. We provide analysis of cold chain storage (on-site or off-site, during transportation) and distribution systems for all stages of the Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical supply chain.

Cold Chain Qualification and Shipping Validation is based on the success of Shipping Study to ensure the data collected is repeatable and consistent. We ensure all the variation during the cold chain is considered during qualification exercise, such as specific trade lane, such as transit modes, carrier types, delivery times, weather and season, service levels, and routes etc.

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  • MS Remedies Inc. provides end to end monitoring and analysis, delivers detailed documentation to assist customers in complying with regulatory and industry standards.
  • Provides temperature and/or humidity profiles over time and season, with details of identifying expected conditions and variability
  • Develops, executes, and documents protocols to execute and replicate cold chain qualification and shipping validation